Is this forum still active? If not let's make it again

Heey folks!

I’m Juan a startup founder from Argentina.
I’ve been following Shape up ideas and putting into practice continually for 2 years now.

I know it’s holiday season and I joined just recently, but I see the forum has been less active. It would be sad to let it die, because there are still so much we can learn and share together.

My question would be to all of you:

  • What are struggling lately?
  • What would you like to learn or put into practice for 2022?
  • What have you learned in 2021?

Here is my answers:

  • We are solving problems that we hear customers are struggling with but we are not able to allocate time for new things to experiment with.
  • I would like to train more shapers in the team (we are 10 in the development team and 43 in total in the org)
  • I’ve learned that some people like to write shape and write pitches, others just want to code, and some just like to do reactive work, identifying that intrinsic motivation is key when assigning roles.

Keep it up
— Juan


I agree!

We should keep this community alive and hopefully support the wider adoption of the methodology.

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I think we are alone @shavin47

I think we should just keep posting and people will come around.


My biggest struggle is that if you can’t adequately protect your delivery team’s time from outside emergencies/distraction, Shape Up breaks down.

For 2022, I’m interested in seeing whether Shape Up can gain traction vs. existing solutions. For example, I’m the only “team” currently in my org that uses Shape Up for delivery. Everyone else either uses Kanban and/or Agile.

I have no intention of switching back to a sprint-based framework, but I’m surprised that other PMs I know are either uninterested in learning Shape Up and/or see it as a threat to their existence. (This is anecdotal, but the better they are at “Agile” the less likely they’ll consider learning Shape Up. I think the “no backlogs” stance is a bridge many of them are unable to cross.)

My biggest learning in 2021 is seeing where Shape Up is great (and not so great) for managing marketing supply-side activities. Don’t know many others trying this out for marketing, so it’s definitely learning while trying.


I will make another post about this struggle, I think we can have a discussion about what other people is doing to protect the team from outside distractions .

I don’t know what people mean when they talk about “Agile” but if you think about Shape Up builds up on cycles as feedback loops. If having backlog is something that it’s important for your team, I would keep that practice as long as they know that a backlog is a repository for ideas and not a commitment that must be delivered.

I would really like to know why it’s not so great.

I posted recently about possibly creating a Discord. I’m actually in the early phases of re-booting one of my projects from last year: I’m thinking about doing PM interviews from the Shape Up community and posting on Youtube. Interested?


I’m totally in to share how is my experience working with Shape Up at my company.