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Shape Up Practitioners Remote Meetup

Hey everyone :wave:

I thought it might be a good idea to complement the very fruitful discussions in this forum with a regular chance for face to face (or camera to camera) interaction regarding our experiences implementing Shape Up.

That’s why I’d like to try a “Shape Up Practitioners Remote Meetup” group, with the intention of eventually facilitating regular (monthly?) remote meetups where we can talk, learn, help each other out and get to know others who are trying Shape Up.

I’ve set up a page on to organise this and will run the actual meetup via Zoom, by sharing a link to everyone who’s RSVP’d until the day of the event:

My current idea is to have one speaker per meetup, who shares their particular experience in a ≈30 min talk, and then go into a more open Q&A. I’m still pondering some ways to facilitate a kind of networking or more focussed discussions (like using Zoom breakout rooms maybe? or a Donut slack app like random pairing of people?). So if anyone has ideas for clever ways of doing this, let’s hear it!

In any case, I just went ahead and scheduled an inaugural meetup for Wednesday, March 25th at 7pm (UTC) :tada:

The speaker for this inaugural meetup is still TBD. As a backup, I’m offering to present our experience at in moving from “Scrumban” to Shape Up (we’re 4+ cycles in). I’ve given a more general talk about this at a product meetup here in Berlin and would happily dig into the meat of things as part of this event.

So consider this also a call for speakers: Are there any of you who’d be willing to hold a casual ≈30 min presentation about any particular issue you had in implementing Shape Up, and how you overcame this? Or generally inspiring or challenging Shape Up stories? Let’s hear it! :slight_smile::ear:

Would love to get to know some of you personally as part of this experiment!



Excellent idea! I’ll be there for some Q&A and to join the discussion.


I love the idea! We just completed our first cycle and did a retro. There might be a few great points to share with others, especially from the perspective of a startup.

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Oh man, I’m so down. Great idea, dude. I’d love to hear about Shape Up at store2be.

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This is an awesome idea! Thanks for putting it all together. I’d also be keen to hear your and other’s stories :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

I’m truly excited to be able to announce an outstanding speaker for our inaugural Shape Up Practitioners meetup.

Mike Bartlett, VP Product at Slite, will speak about:

538 Days Later
A journey through adopting a new way to work

Mike’s team has been using Shape Up to build Slite since October 2018. By this, they must surely count as Shape Up veterans. Mike will share their particular flavour and highlight which bits they’ve adopted and which they haven’t. I know Mike and his team have been very conscious about tweaking Shape Up to their particular needs and can’t wait to get his insights into the process behind it.

Mike’s talk will be about 45 mins long and split into 3 parts (roughly: “Why Shape Up?”, “Adoption & Growing Pains” and “What it looks like today”). Each of the three parts will be followed by up to 10 mins of Q&A.

Here’s the full agenda for the meetup:

  • 6:55 pm (UTC): “doors” open; the talk will start at 7pm sharp, so make sure to join the Zoom meeting on time.
  • 7:00 pm – 8:15: Mike’s presentation on “538 Days Later”, incl. 3 slots of Q&A
  • 8:15 pm and later: Open networking for whoever wants to stick around

Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday!


PS: If you haven’t RSVP’d yet, you can still do so here:

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This sounds great! But the meetup currently only allows 100 participants, was that intentional? Would love to join

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Hey Casper, it was – yes. I was originally expecting / designing for a small group of people (50 max). Now raised the limit to what I can technically accompany right now and will try to set up a stream via YouTube. The recording will be shared in any case. See the discussion here:

Ok, thanks. Hoping a stream on YT will accommodate all of us, it’s almost as many on the waitlist now :crossed_fingers:

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From the Meetup page:

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This was great, lots of insights!

Thanks for sharing, Mike and @rjs ! And @david for organizing this, kudos!

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I just happened to hear about the meeting (and this group) on Twitter halfway through the meeting, but the bits I did get to see were amazing! Thanks so much for putting it together, and here’s a vote for posting it somewhere for later viewing.

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Here you go:

If I understand YouTube correctly, this link will persist. If somehow the livestream recording disappears, ping me and I’ll upload a local backup of the recording.

This was tons of fun, what a way to kick things off! :tada:

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It was awesome! I’ve got many useful insights. Is there a chance that slides from the meetup will be shared somewhere?

Hey Shape Up community,

I’m excited to announce the second edition of the Shape Up Practitioners Remote Meetup :tada:!

Next Wednesday, April 29th, at 6pm (UTC), Simone Sciarrati (Engineering Team Lead @ Meltwater) will share how his team tried various product development frameworks like Kanban, Scrum and ultimately landed on what he calls “Shape Up-ish”.

If you’re interested, please RSVP via the meetup group’s page here:

The first 100 people will receive a link to the Zoom call and everyone else will be able to follow a livestream on YouTube.

Looking forward to a great second meetup!


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@david the livestream YouTube recording disappeared

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Had to do some editing in agreement with Simone – that’s done now, so you can find the recording here:

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… and we’re back for round 3 of the Shape Up Practitioners Remote Meetup. :wave: :slight_smile:

On Wednesday, Jonny Bradshaw who’s the Head of Product at FundApps (, will share the story of how his team found its way to Shape Up.

Jonny and I met at a digital Jobs-to-be-Done workshop by Bob Moesta a couple of weeks ago and I was excited to hear that he’d attended the first Shape Up meetup back in March.

This time, it’ll be his time to share how the team at FundApps has adopted Shape Up. Borrowing from the JTBD framework “The Forces of Progress”, it’s only fitting given the circumstances of how we met that his talk will be titled “The Forces of Shape Up”.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know:

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday!


Hey everybody, I’d like to announce the 4th edition of this meetup series!

Here’s the link to the meetup page:

This one’s going to be an experiment. So far, we’ve heard speakers share their stories and take questions. This time, we’re going to get a little more personal. Since I failed to round up a speaker this time, I thought it a great opportunity to try a different format for once.

So here’s my proposal:

  • Let’s come together to share stories of adopting Shape Up, the hurdles, and how we overcame or adapted. Zoom call only, no presentation and no live stream.
  • On the call, we do a brief round of intros and then open up the floor for anyone to bring forward their challenges, questions, concerns. The conversation just goes where it does.
  • To participate, I’d ask you to send me a very brief summary of your context (like role, team size, what you were switching from, how far along with Shape Up), and some things you’d like to bring to the discussion. I’ll reply with the Zoom link. Probably easiest to just use the messaging system. You can RSVP, too, to let others know who’s coming.
  • That way, I’m hoping to ensure we’re all invested enough to show up, plus have some starting points to kick things off on the call.
  • Please be prepared to join with your video and audio on. We’ll try to have an open group conversation.
  • I’ll be there, even if there’s just going to be two of us! :slight_smile:

Oh, and in any case, July & August look like we’ll have some amazing speakers again.

Excited to see how this goes!


For anyone interested, here’s the recording of the session:

I enjoyed this format a lot, meeting some of you on this community “in person”. I think we’ll do something like this again, soon.

We covered a lot of ground on the call. Here’s an incomplete list of the topics discussed, if you’re interested in taking a look:

  • Ideas for making time for shaping
  • Dealing with technical viability during shaping + collaboration between engineering & product management
  • Deciding what to shape, roadmaps & OKRs
  • Some war stories of forcing shape up onto R&D work
  • Pitch fidelity and who’s involved in the betting process
  • Changing a pitch during the cycle
  • How to cope when there are fewer designers than cycle teams
  • Hiring based on fitness with shape up
  • Wrapping up & feedback

The video description contains direct links to the respective times in the video. Let me know if you have any comments, feedback or questions!