A product for Shape Up (Interviews needed)

Hi Shape Up people,

@klausbreyer and I have been working on some tooling to make adopting and executing Shape Up a seamless process.

We want to conduct 12-15 60-min interviews, and would love to do that here with his community of folks.

Our learning goal (research question) is roughly: What is being done in a tool and what is simply a habit and what works about that and doesn’t?

Our post-interview goal is to deliver a free private alpha to those research subjects after conducting our interviews and after no more than 2 six-weeks cycles worth of design and development.

If you would like to sign up and chat about the following items:

  • Why did shape up even become a thing for you?
  • Talking to us about the first time you started discussing adopting shape up at your org
  • Talking with us about what you did to roll-out shape up
  • Walking us through the tool(s) you are currently using to manage this process (and screen sharing that with us)
  • What is working what is not working

…then please email us at mattlane66@me.com and kb@v01.io

We look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Kindest regards,