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Adopting shape up teardown: Coffee meets bagel

I came across this video from RJS and Jim ( I took a pass at how Coffee meets Bagel adopted shape up. The teardown includes their timeline and 4 forces of progress. Hope this view of adoption can help other teams in some way along their Shape up adoption journey.


Forces of progress

I’ve just started to study these techniques more formally so feel free to point out any improvements. Open to other feedback and thoughts here as well.

Bonus: I’ve been deep diving on RJS work recently. The first 15 minutes of the linked video are a masterclass in interviewing. As product folks on this forum well worth a watch for questioning techniques to pull out context/story/struggle. Ive added some highlight questions below to scan if it’s useful for your own interviews when pulling out stories.

  • For some background can you tell me what you’re doing at X and what are some of the struggles that led to you giving X a try?
  • When did you have the first thought to try something different?
  • What else happened?
  • How were you able to know that something was broken enough about the process to try something new?
  • So is THAT when it get’s bad enough that you had to solve this?
  • Who else was involved?
  • So there’s EVENT 1, what happens next?
  • Were you consciously aware that this isn’t working and we need to do something different or was it more like PRODUCT came across your desk and you thought, “oh, this can help!”

This is a really good talk on the challenges of trying to adopt Shape Up in an existing organization that has tried other things like the Spotify Model, SCRUM, etc. There is a lot here to unpack but a really great talk.