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Shaping document examples

I remember seeing someone posted their “shaping document” on Twitter the other week, but I must have forgotten to bookmark it. Interested in seeing example of shaping docs if anyone wants to share (as in output of shaping work collected in a document).

I haven’t created one before so nothing to share yet, but would appreciate any examples that can be shared in public. Thanks :raised_hands:


I’m not sure I saw that tweet you mentioned but I did see one awesome doc here in the forum by @mattdonovan

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Hey, I’m happy to share a few examples of ones I’ve written in the past if it helps anyone :slight_smile: They’re not amazing or anything and I’m always tweaking the layout and approach based on learnings & feedback. Anyway, feel free to check them out here…

Older version of our docs -

Here’s a bit more recent -

Thoughts/feedback welcome!


Nice work. Do you even include sketches of what you’re describing in your pitches?

Yes, sometimes we include fat market sketches or breadboards. These two projects just didn’t need them.

Here is our latest Pitch that we are implementing in current cycle: