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Pitching in Miro

Hey, we’ve recently introduced shaping and pitching to our team’s workflow and we’re still experimenting with handoff between the different levels in the organization.

My dev and design team is very comfortable with Miro, it’s the main place collaboration happens. It also the place where inevitably our in cycle documentation exists. I’m trying to make it easier on the team (dev especially) by communicating the right amount of information and including that in the pitch.

I noticed that if I create a pitch in Notion or somewhere else, they inevitably grab parts of it or create a version of it in Miro and then we do some back and forth to make sure hand off is done right.
Some of this seems redundant to me, probably because I’m not communicating with the team enough in their language

My assumption is that if I convert the pitch to something more familiar to them, a bit more visuals, more flows (and leveraging Miro)— then the team will be more comfortable moving from there.

I’m curious if anyone has been using Miro for pitching, or for collaboration on projects? I’d love to get a sense from other people how’s that going for them and I’m happy to engage beyond this thread if anyone is open.


We use Miro a ton (especially for collaboration in workshops and with customers) but never considered it for Shape Up. If your team is comfortable using it I think it’s a worthwhile approach, especially if your team gravitates more toward visual flows/explanations vs. text. If you have an iPad + Apple Pencil, drawing in the Miro app is great for breadboarding (it saves each drawn element as a separate object so you can move stuff around after it’s drawn).

Why our team doesn’t use Miro with Shape Up:

• It’s too much (95% of its features probably aren’t relevant for our shaping)
• It’s way too easy to accidentally move/delete stuff around
• The version history to backtrack and see what changed isn’t great

I suppose if you create templates and lock stuff so no one can edit finished pitches, that would fix the second issue.

I would be interested in hearing how Miro works out after a cycle or two. Best of luck with it!



We use Miro for pitches since the beginning of introducing Shape Up in our organization, we are now after our 6th cycle. It works well, we don’t experience any issues with accidental deleting board items as someone earlier mentioned. When we hand off the pitch, the team is free to work on the board as they see fit. What we observe is that the team uses it to store designs, flows, notes. Sometimes we end up with a messy board but then the designer will clean it up a little during cool down. Important to note here - we have a QA person working together with the team for the whole cycle, so we essentially don’t need a documentation when testing starts, they are aware of what’s going on in the project at all times.

We prepared a pitch template and we duplicate it and fill it with information for every pitch, this way the layout of the pitch became familiar to the teams and they know where to go to look for specific parts of the pitch. To be honest, I personally can’t imagine creating a pitch in anything else but Miro. We only sometimes use a simple Google Doc when the pitch is strictly technical.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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Hey @Joanna and @bensome can you share some of your Miro pitches? I’m looking for something that would work together with Confluence, we use Jira here and it’s starting to be a pain after our 4th cycle.


I think I can find something representative enough :wink: But before I do, could you specify what exactly is the most interesting to you? Would you rather see a board with a fresh, untouched pitch or would you rather see the end result after the cycle?

Maybe this helps.

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I’d love to see both. Or even see a board at the start of a project and what it looks like at the end. Always fun to get a glimpse of others projects.