What tools do you use for Shaping while async & remote?

Hey folks,

At my previous org, we use to do a mix of collaborating on Miro (sync) and Basecamp (async) to take a raw idea to a fully shaped pitch. We’d figure out the broad strokes of the demand side problem and then my partner shaped a “half-baked” pitch. Afterwards, in the comments on Basecamp, we’d identify any risks, rabbit holes and technical constraints.

This process isn’t clean as the initial document stays static as new information is added on by stakeholders and there are multiple perspectives to account for as well + clarifying questions by the shaper.

For the shapers who are tasked with getting to a fully shaped pitch, I’m curious how you guys are doing it right now? What’s your process like and what tools do you use?


We are 43 in total in our organization, but only 10 in our Product and Development team.

We just use pen and paper… and take captures of that for pitch.
We write them on Notion.

We use Notion collaboratively for everything, in fact we implemented Messages Board like Basecamp, but also we can track like a “Kanban boards” for tasks. Is our unique source of truth.

Also we are implementing Whimsical for handsoff and some diagrams. We like more than Miro.
Sometimes I use Excalidraw.

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Hey, thanks for answering!

Sounds like you’re pulling together multiple tools for your shape up workflow!

I’m curious about your use case for Whimsical, how is it better than Miro?

I think it’s a matter of taste between Miro or Whimsical.

I think Miro is more flexible for diagrams, tables. etc, and whimsical has a more defined structure.

For example for Hand-soff

We are using this template:

What I like it more is that with the plus it already adds a task to the list. With Miro I would have to select everything and copy & paste.

Sometimes we also use Whimsical for breadboarding the flow.

Hope you find it useful!

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This looks pretty awesome, I have to try it out!

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