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Who wants to program all the decision rules from Shape Up into Coda?

Including betting table but also a message board and automatic check-in functionality needed for all projects.

We use Notion, it was very straight forward to do a List for Message Board and some templates for Pitches.

I haven’t used Coda, what benefits does it have over Basecamp or Notion for example ?

Perhaps leveraging this with other Shape Up tooling could be useful.

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Thanks for the share! Got it you can defined a very specified process on Coda.

In my opinion I think that defined like that is a little bit rigid.

I think the intention of Shape Up (maybe I’m wrong here) is not about the rigid structured process but about the pattern languages for the upstream of the product design and development process.

Like cycle, cooldown, appetite, pitch, betting table, rabbit holes, bounds, fat marker sketch, breadboarding, etc

And how can someone adapt apply those Ideas to the organization.

For example on our organization the first cycles we didn’t have betting table with full pitches.
We defined the betting table with just the problem and the appetite, we were confident that there was always some version of a solution that we could do, so we didn’t need the full pitch to bet for a problem.

Also we started with 3 weeks cycle + 1 cooldown, now we have 4 weeks + 2 cooldown. We wanted small projects faster first.

Obviously, it might be useful for some people to have it defined in a very structured way.

PS: Sorry for the long reply.

I think for larger organizations with more complex products, a launchcal like this in combination with Shape Up best practices is doable…maybe even necessary…

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