Dedicated Shape Up software?

Many people use Basecamp to mange their Shape Up processes, but it seems to be shoe-horned into their generic systems. Is there a platform that is focused on only Shape Up with specific Shape Up features?

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What specific features do you have in mind?

Structuring the process so that the data is more streamlined and new users can be guided through the process. As a simple example, when preparing the pitch, have the appetite available as a distinct field. That would allow sorting and filtering based on the appetite when listing pitches. Or you could record the actual time taken vs the appetite if that’s something you want to report on.

At the moment, too much relies on one’s understanding of the book and, as a team new to the process, it’s difficult to get into without some structured guidance.

I was always under the impression that a document or wiki template would suffice for pitches. Some automation around appetite would be nice of course, but I don’t know if it justifies creating an entire software for it.

I know it’s easier said than done, but strictly speaking both should be the same value. It’s almost like we’ve messed up if that’s not the case.

This is definitely a problem, I agree with you.

I’m quite a fan of opinionated software when one is first getting to grips with a new methodology. It provides useful guardrails when you’re starting out. Generic platforms (e.g., Jira) are so generalised that performing even the most basic tasks can be confusing and counter-productive to why you wanted to use it in the first place.

I think Shape Up is too flexible to be implemented in a strict way. People use it for new products, new features, or completely separate areas.

We ourselves are tied to Jira right now because it is there …
But I can imagine, that one could be very happy with Basecamp, like 37signals are using it.

Thanks for sharing. This was helpful.