Framing before Shaping

Ryan published a new post:

This posts introduces a new Pattern called Framing that occurs before the whole Shaping process.
It’s about defining the context in order to find a Shape that can be presented for the Betting Table.

Also he renamed the idea of Pitch to Package, because a Pitch in the minds of people refer to a Sales Pitch and it acts better as an input to the process of Framing.

For me I think it’s a great name for the concept and also the picture explains very well the Patterns.
It defines that an important part of the work before should be to define an Outcome.

What do you think about this new concept?
Does this change your perspective on the work you are shaping ?


I like this new concept, it helps justify spending quality time on polishing the pitches. This separation of duties makes it clearer what each stage needs to accomplish before moving on.

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