Just posted first product cycle pitch

It’s been 3 years since we started working on our product. It’s out there in the market with more than 16K users now.

But the thing is, we didn’t follow any specific practice to set development direction. One day, one of my co-founders shared Shape-Up with me. No doubt, it was the best book I came across.

I just posted our first cycle pitch in our HQ. Feeling excited!

I know there will be some room for improvement in the pitch. I thought to share that pitch here for the feedback but not sure if that allowed or not.

Thanks @rjs and all forum family. I have read other topic posts and they are very helpful. This motivates me to participate more and learn from each others experiences.


Congratulations on your first cycle @heyumarkhan !

Shape up was a game changer for us. It gave a great sense of accomplishment to the whole team.
And also it makes us to think our product into incremental and organic growing features with real impact.

I think if you are comfortable with sharing the pitch and your organization allows it, you can share it.

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