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Ryan Singer, please keep writing

Hey Ryan,

I’ve fondly followed the Shape Up book and the many conferences, youtube videos, demand thinking podcasts and more recently, the newsletters. I’ve often felt that your teachings have been one of the highest signal pieces of content a product person could consume. The usefulness of each of them is immeasurable as a builder.

I’m sure the other Shapers & Builders here can relate.

As much as I am sad about your exit from Basecamp, I hope you keep writing and keep us posted on your journey.

We wish you the best!

  • Shavin.

Couldn’t agree more. @rjs has been instrumental in my growth as a product-focused technologist. I look forward to the next post he shares and all the ones after that.


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on the forum. If you want to get in touch, find new articles, etc, my website is here: