Ryan Singer's videos from La Product Conf - LPC 2023

“Scaling Shape Up Beyond Bootstrapped Companies” by Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer, founder @Felt Presence and author of “Shape Up”, tells us how and why the Shape Up methodology took shape within the Basecamp company. Throughout this talk, he explains the advantages of this method to quickly developed meaningful products. He highlights the importance of identifying on the early stage of our project the blocks and issues that may surface during the cycles, by involving the 3 roles of product : Product, Design and Engineering.

00:00 Intro
01:58 Why Shape Up methodology was created ?
15:17 Does the Shape Up methodology match with your company ?
20:18 Crash course on well-shaping process
32:57 Shaping vs. Framing

Product team efficiency & effectiveness: how to win in the current economic context

Melissa Perri, CEO @Product labs, Ryan Singer, founder @Felt Presence and ex-Basecamp and Sebastien Levaillant, VP Product Management @Payfit answer to the questions of Axel Sooriah, co-founder @Panash, on their vision of Product Management and to be efficient in the economic downturn in the technology industry.

00:00 Intro
04:10 Economic downturn in technology industry
11:37 What are the skills companies are looking for nowadays
22:16 The different tracks in Product Management
32:34 How to manage the performance of the team
36:44 Some advices for product managers
40:59 Q&A

Another version of the same talk, but with better slides.

Ryan Singer: “Scaling Shape Up Beyond Bootstrapped Companies” | LPC Madrid 2023