Announcing the Shapers & Builders Podcast 🎉

Hey all! :wave:

I’m incredibly excited to announce a new project, the Shapers & Builders podcast. The show’s idea is to focus on the inner workings of how product development teams work, with a particular focus on the delivery side of things.

The first season will be dedicated to teams that use Shape Up, and to kick things off, Ryan talked me through the journey from Shape Up 1.0 to the 2.0 version he’s now teaching in his course. Catch this episode and the three first case studies at!

Many more exciting stories of teams adopting & adapting Shape Up are in the making, so subscribe to stay up to date. :wink:

Finally, we’re relaunching the Shapers & Builders job board, where you can find jobs at companies that use Shape Up. Our most visited page – the list of teams that use Shape Up – received a major visual overhaul. It contains about twice as many companies as before, incl. more details and a direct link to the career page of a featured set of companies.

Message me if you’d like your company listed/featured! And if you’re currently looking for a job in tech, make sure to subscribe to new job alerts! :bell:

It’s been a busy few weeks since the first podcast recording on March 15, but I’m incredibly happy and grateful for the experience so far.

Thanks for the support and words of encouragement along the way: Juan Villarejo, Bartwin van der Pols, Melissa Matthews, Heiko Behrens, Ryan Singer, Alex Vlasovs, Jonny Bradshaw, Chris Boakes, Ilya Sterin, Stephan Bönnemann-Walenta, Lars Daniel Blom Rasmussen, David Šabata, Marin Petrov, Jan Mikula, Klaus Breyer, and many more!

Excited to get your feedback on the podcast!! :slight_smile:


PS: You can follow Shapers & Builders on twitter and/or LinkedIn, if you’d like to get updates on the podcast and job board! :v:


Shape up to the moon! :new_moon_with_face::rocket:

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This is exciting. Good luck David!

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Good lineup! And amazing fist episode!

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Great podcast and lineup! Thanks for inviting me :partying_face:

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