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Introducing Shapers & Builders – A Shape Up Job Board

Hey everyone! :wave:

I am happy to reveal a side-project that I’ve been working on with a friend since August last year:
:point_right: Shapers & Builders – A job board for companies using Shape Up :point_left:

In Summer 2020, we wished for something like this to exist. Our company had just gone bust in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were looking for new opportunities. Our team at store2be had been using Shape Up in place of a broken Scrumban development process since early 2019, and the results were amazing.

Before Shape Up, things were a mess. We would routinely run over our estimations and beat ourselves up about shipping late – again! Product managers were always so busy with keeping the team busy that they had no time to think strategically. Everything was done with haste.

With Shape Up, everything changed. The team settled into a predictable 6-week-rhythm of shipping high-impact projects. PMs had time to think. Engineers and designers were empowered to make more impactful decisions. And the leadership team really felt “at the wheel” of our products for the first time in forever.

With this community right here as proof, there’s now a growing number of companies putting Shape Up into practice – and an undeniable interest in Shape Up within the technology community at large. I believe that these companies will be in a position to attract employees who care deeply about doing meaningful and impactful work – in calm, humane ways.

Here’s what we would like to invite you to do today:

  1. If you’re looking for new opportunities, subscribe for updates within those categories that interest you.

  2. And if you are a company that’s hiring and you’d like to be part of the launch, please reach out either through a DM here or via

Excited to be releasing this into the world today, and can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

David & Alex


WOW, I absolutely love this!

Though I wonder how conscious developers are when looking for a company that values " meaningful and impactful work – in calm, human e ways". If I had never known about Shape Up, I probably would just continue applying to a long list of companies with the hopes that one of them would even reach back out. The quality of the workflow is not priority in my mind. You know what I mean?

I guess we just have to continue sharing Shape Up so that it becomes more well known in the broader developer community.

Will definitely be sharing this to my friends who are looking for opportunities! Thank you so much for sharing.


Amazing. Thank you so much for doing this.

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Thank you all for the interest and support, we’re excited to finally open for business! :tada:

Come check out the first set of 11 jobs from 6 teams across the globe who are putting Shape Up into practice: Shapers & Builders | Find your Shape Up job

We have more great jobs in the pipeline, so if you haven’t already, feel invited subscribe to new jobs via RSS or email or follow us on Twitter, where we’ll also be sharing new jobs as they come in. :slight_smile: