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How can you use shape up for marketing?

Hi everyone,

I’m new to shape up so apologies if this is a noob question!

I can instantly see the application of shaping up for product development, but can it also be used for marketing?
We are currently defining our process to run marketing campaigns and was wondering if anyone else has had some joy using this method for this?

Many thanks,

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I currently use Shape Up for marketing activities and start a new cycle (my 9th) on Tuesday. (It should’ve been 13th but I had to take 4 cycles to help another product team at my company…)

If you treat your marketing campaigns as “fixed time, variable scope” projects with some constraints defined in the shaped work, it’s definitely doable. That said, marketing work doesn’t map exactly to product work that Shape Up focuses on.

I think the biggest benefits to Shape Up for marketing for myself:

• No backlog
• Built-in circuit breaker for marketing initiatives
• Language around appetite and making bets

Happy to chat more if you have specific questions, but since YMMV and no two marketing teams are alike, I’d experiment with it for a cycle or two and see if it fits your needs. Best of luck!

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Hey nt,

Thanks for your response - makes sense and I think experimentation is the way to go!

All the best,


Hey @MarkyT @nt-from-chicago,

Thank you for initiating this discussion. I am planning to use shape-up method for different projects for myself and my students and I was also wondering about the methodology differences.

Will keep you guys updated with our experience also.