High impact essays related to shape up

Shape Up and Competing Against Luck have really impacted how I approach building products.

Am I master of these thinking tools? no, not yet.

Certainly there is no substitute for getting your hands dirty and talking to customers and building different part of the UI stack. But I am curious if anyone has come across any other essays(preferably) / books etc that have been as impactful as Shape Up.


Still too early to say if it’s as impact as Shape Up, but recently read The End of Average by Todd Rose. Found that very influential in adjusting my perspective on certain things, in a similar way that Competing Against Luck did.

Another one, which is more about business than making product (although there is a little of that in there) is another Basecamp book called It Doesn’t Have To Be Crazy At Work.

Hope that helps and you find them interesting :slight_smile: