Fintech_devcon 2022 | Stop going in circles & ship work that matters with Ryan Singer & Chris Spiek

Just stumbled upon it on twitter and wanted to share it here as well:

Some good takeaways there. Interesting for larger teams, probably. But they maybe are on the other hand maybe too detailed, to put into the book.

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Hi @klausbreyer - Thanks for posting the video! Insightful. I wonder how the spiking fits into the Build Cycle. Would we pull someone away from building to spike? Or is this happening during the Cool Down period?

I like the working session that occurs during Framing and Shaping.

@rjs Would you provide insight into the above questions for us? Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the video.


I understand it like it is a separate person doing the Spiking. Not with any (or a lot) other obligations during the Build cycle.

This would give you six weeks of just doing Spiking and working on Pitches.

(I would like to rotate this role, given there are enough senior engineers around.)

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