Discord anyone?

I’m in a lot of Discord servers lately. I would love to see a community form there. Nothing against the forums here, but the user experience isn’t as good as Discord (or even Slack) and it’s easier to build discussion/community vs here.

Is anyone else interested in moving or joining a ShapeUp Discord server? I’m volunteering to bootstrap it if @rjs is OK with it

P.S. my current Shapeup related challenge that I’m working through: How to implement shapeup at ground zero of a product/startup

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My problem with Discord, or Slack is that it’s a chat based platform.

And we know that chat based platform are more synchronous oriented and can be a source of great distraction an less reflective responses.

On the other hand I agree that building a community in those platforms can attract more people and trigger more “conversations” (meaningful or not), because the low effort of writing a chat message.


I agree that discords tend to be hard to follow unless you’re right there in the conversation.

The benefit of a forum is that it is searchable from search engines, and that allows the insights to be preserved instead of washed away in the stream of messages.

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Another alternative that I have used is Zulip. Although I have only used it in a private company setting, I do know of open source communities that utilize it for discussions.