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Anyone using ClickUp with ShapeUp?

And have recommendations on structuring a pipeline in ClickUp according to the ShapeUp methodologies?


We are just about to start using ClickUp in our ShapeUp process that we have been running since September. Currently we are using a mix of Jira for more longterm documentation and Basecamp for project management during the cycle. We do a medical system and are pretty heavy on QA and documentation, so we have had to adapt ShapeUp to this.

Our product team are 2 POs, 9 devs and 3 QA. We will have one space in ClickUp for the whole product team. Each cycle we divide the team into squads that might consist of different people from cycle to cycle. We create one folder for each cycle and squad (ex. “Cycle 2021:2 Squad 2”). In the folder we will put each project as a list, each scope as a task, and todo as a subtask.

As some of the todos needs to be followed up by QA we will have statuses on the subtask for this (open, implementing, ready for test, testing, test failed, done). We will also use tags to mark QA-specific todos to easily separate these from the developers todos.

What does you setup look like? Do you have any experience that you like to share? We are just about to embark on this, so I’m very eager to hear more.

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