Our First Shape-up Experience at kata.ai

Hi All,

My name welly from kata.ai.

Basically we are a big fans of basecamp and using it from jan 2020. We also read all the basecamp books and it’s been an awesome knowledge booster for us. Just want to share our experience with this.

Basically we have a 90% complete rate of the whole project. This is very awesome.

We are more focus and works as a team better than before. Especially between engineering and product team. We are able to getting step closer to the DevOps culture. Still a lot of room of improvement but we are quite happy with this result.

Next cycle we will try to combine this with Extreme Programming principles and use ATDD from the start. As this will automate the acceptance criteria as part of our CI/CD pipeline. We want to reduce the load of our QA, Infra and Data team as they are shared across project. So quality will be a developer responsibilty to passed the acceptance criteria. QA will more focus on doing exploratory to catch edge cases.

Will update about this journey 6 weeks from now. This is really a great philosophy on doing software with limited resources. We are more careful on making the decision and become creative. Thanks a lot to basecamp team and @rjs for making the shape up books. I read that multiple times now. :slight_smile:



Thanks Welly. Great to hear about your progress.

Willy, which of the EP principles are you planning to leverage in combination with Shape Up methodologies? Thanks!

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