Shape Up Community Support: New Shape Up Tool

:rocket: Introducing dumplink - a communication bridge between business and creative problem-solving tech teams.

With dumplink, teams can take whole projects and:

  • :memo: DUMP: Break down a project into an unstructured list of tasks.
  • :jigsaw: CLUSTER: Cluster that list of tasks into task groups.
  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: SEQUENCE: Sequence the task groups.
  • :world_map: ARRANGE: Get a structured data visualization of the sequenced task groups as an unfolded network.
  • :warning: SET APPETITES AND SEE RISK RATIOS: Quickly get a sense of progress risk, from unsolved to solved phases, and surgically cut scope against the appetite time budget as needed.

:link: Try dumplink for FREE and streamline your project workflow like never before! Perfect for making development cycles more intuitive and less sucky for everyone.

Check it out here:

#JoinUsOnDiscord here dumplink to be part of shaping the future of software development.

Special thanks to @david and @rjs

We are excited to share what @klausbreyer and I have been working on. We hope all of you here can try it out to support us. We hope to do many more interesting things here, but we can’t do that without your support. Thank you!


So excited for the feedback!