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How to handle bugs with Shape Up approach

Hi Guys,

what’s the approach of Shape Up to handle bugs while working on project in 6 weeks cycle?

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During the cycle we have an off-cycle team that handles a few different things that are not related to development projects. Bugs is one of those things. But this isn’t really enough to keep up with the bugs we want to address.

So we have added a week at the end of the cool down dedicated at bugs. Going into that week we have groomed a list of bugs that are prioritized high and medium. Devs are free to pick from high until there are no high prio bugs left. There’s no priority within these groups. Then the whole team hammers away with daily releases Mon-Thursday.

As this is the last week of the cycle, Friday is dedicated for a hackathon where everyone can do what ever they like.This helps to clear our minds before heading into the next cycle the week after.

We’ve done this for a few cycles now and it seems to fit our company perfectly.

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Thanks @Salmiak for your help!

How do you describe, track and manage bugs in Basecamp tool? What are the tips and tricks to organize bugs in Basecamp?

We don’t use Basecamp. Instead we use Jira to track bugs. We’ve tried Basecamp but it didn’t really work that well for us. We currently run the cycle projects in ClickUp, but we’re still figuring out how to do that in a good way.

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My idea is to have one place to track everything. That’s why we have been using Basecamp.

Right now, we have a seperate TODO list for bugs. I thought, maybe there is more efficent way to do that in Basecamp.