How to approach QA in Shape Up

Hi All

How do you approach testing in Shape Up?
When do your QAs start testing and when bugs reported are fixed?

QA testing and bugfixing is very reactive work.

Shape Up is for proactive and strategic work, not reactive work.

Reactive type of work it’s better done with a Kanban Board with different queues for statuses.

It’s impossible to work in any methodology and have no bugs or testing at all, therefore in Shape Up people also will have bugs to be fixed or Pitches to be tested

Hey have you checked out this chapter in Shape Up?

Basecamp does QA as well. They place a lot of responsibility on the designer and engineers to do basic quality work. However, for the edge cases, they do QA because it impacts thousands of customers. When a QA finds something he puts it into as a discovered task as a nice to have, and the designer triages it to decide if it is a must-have or just keep it as default. That’s the gist but the link has more.


It may depend on the project type: in our case we will probably add QA to the team of Builders, especially at the beginning of the 6 weeks. during this time they may decide what actions are needed for the QA (automation/manual/load tests) in order to have something delivered.
It is just and idea… I didn’t do it yet.