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Multiple products

Does anyone have experience with using shape up with multiple products and multiple teams? Are all bets considered at once across all products?

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Just an idea: think about the value streams. I’d say that for one vale stream you should run just one bet. Alternatively, OKRs. What are strategic goals and what are possible bets to that can be aligned to them.

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If the products don’t have team overlap then your bets are going to be for each product. We have multiple teams that all work on different products using Shape Up. Even though our shapers are involved in each betting table meeting, we don’t pit products against each other. We allocate teams to products at a higher level, not on a cycle-by-cycle basis. Note that by “teams” here I don’t mean who works on which project in a cycle, rather who works on which product long term. Who works on which project for a product is always done each cycle during betting.