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Shape Up and OKRs

We’re implementing Shape Up in our Product and Software team and one thing we normally do in our company is review and track OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) across our company. I’m wondering if other people are reporting out on OKRs when you’re implementing Shape Up methodology in your development teams.

I know OKRs are highly dependent on the company and team goals but I’m wondering what kind of Objectives and Key Results folks are tracking and sharing across teams.


I had a conversation with Chris Spiek at Autobooks about this once, because they use OKRs. We found a good way to frame the relationship between OKRs and Shape Up was like this: when you shape pitches for the betting table, and evaluate which pitch to bet on, you can treat the OKRs as a filter. That is, ask: “which of these projects gets us closer to this metric?” And “which projects could we shape for next cycle that would move the needle?”


Similar experience for us when we used to use OKRs.

They provided guidance when deciding what things to shape and which bets to make.