Definition of Done for Pitches

Hi All

What DoD do you have for Pitches at your organization?

The definition of Done for a pitch it’s very contextual.

Does it solve the all the found rabbit holes (with a technical reviewer)?
Does it serve as a guide so the implementing team can have something done at the end of the cycle?
Does it have the boundaries in place so it can be done with the appetite it have ?

Those are usually the questions I ask when I write pitches or review them.

We added the following to our pitch template

Please ensure the following are completed prior to bringing to the Betting Table:

[] Problem defined
[] Use cases outlined
[] Good solution defined
[] Release plan
[] Appetite (1-6 weeks)
[] Fat marker sketch (optional)
[] Key Result (optional)
[] Reviewed by tech lead
[] Reviewed by UX
[] Reviewed by requirements team member
[] Shaped to Appetite (Can we deliver something of value within the allotted time [yes, no])

Questions to ask at the Betting Table:

  • Does the problem matter?
  • Is the appetite right?
  • Is the solution attractive?
  • Is this the right time?
  • Are the right people available?

Our pitches use two formats for DoD. For work that might have very variable outputs, we use something similar to Airbnb’s product experience ratings. Zero star is what “must” be done at a minimum to ship. One-star, two-star, etc. are layers above that sequence additional work if time allows.

Depending on appetite/scheduling, the folks at the betting table set the star level as a desired target to shoot for, but with agreement that if it ships zero-star, it’s still a win.

Alternatively, for fairly straightforward work that doesn’t need the star treatment, we’ll just list out a few “stretch goals” after the core (zero-star) work as nice to haves.