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Utilizing Shape - Up in a non-digital world

So, I am an Academy Director who oversees the growth of our academy (public out reach through community programs,…etc). As well as, player development. I am curious, does anyone have experience/examples of utilizing Shape-Up in a non-digital industry?

I have read and understand shape-up but would you hear anyone’s thoughts and feedback, if so.

I am going to utilize Hill Charts as growth tracking amongst teams. So the coach is being asked to evaluate his players growth, thus in turn evaluating his teaching ability. The Shape-Up techniques of Scope will be utilized to breakdown a given principle to sub-principles and sub-sub principles. The coach then can teach those sub/sub-sub principles as he sees fit, knowing that he is being asked accomplish fluency of the principle it self.

Any insight would be great. If more insight is needed from me, I’d be happy to…

This is interesting! I saw you posted this a few months back and am interested in whether you’ve further developed this idea. I’m using Shape Up for managing marketing. So technically still in the digital space but the outcome is not a product feature.

FWIW I think hill charts for tracking progress is intriguing … maybe consider two dots, one for the student’s perception of progress for a given skill and one for the teacher. What’s fuzzy to me is what the top of the hill would represent. Is it a purely 50% proficiency or something else? And it may vary depending on skill. Anyway, best of luck!