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Sharing roadmaps with Shape up

Planning months into the future to generate a roadmap makes me feel uneasy. It’s the commitment and expectation. The mental tax is costly. It’s my understanding Shape Up advocates for working on the next most important thing each cycle instead of a planning and generating a roadmap.

People are asking me for more visibility into the product plan. I want to provide a snapshot and areas we’re interested in going next, but not with the next 3 quarters planned out. I came across this interesting post from RJS Started pulling on a thread to see if similar concepts could yield something I could show people instead of a roadmap.

This is what I spiked. It’s pretty much the same as what RJS has above but more closely aligned with Shape Up.

You’d show the product as an actual map. And overlay Shape Up stages to give a snapshot of today. the blue dot would be the closest thing to indicate where we’re going next.

Then you’d click the dot for more detail.

Not sure if this would even be useful in the same way. But, I like this idea of this is what’s in the cycle + here’s where we’re thinking about going next based on the current state of the world. In the RJS post above I like there being some idea of demand (feedback, ideas, support tickets, etc) mapped to the product area as well. Would need some way to represent that here. E.g. “the Embed Widget is swelling with demand we should go explore that next.”

How are people using Shape up + a roadmap? Or, how do you provide visibility into the future for people outside of product?