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Bringing together Wardley Maps with ShapeUp

Hello Everyone,
My name is Venky. I used to work as a Product Manager in an agritech startup. I am currently working with few startup clients on Product Management problems. I’ve been very much fascinated with 1) Wardley Maps and 2) Shape Up as two powerful toolkits that makes a lot of sense when placed together. Esentially, it addresses two risks which @rjs talks about in his book. i.e. 1) Risk of building the wrong product 2) Risk of not shipping on time. As Ryan makes it clear, Shape Up is very much useful in addressing the second risk. For addressing the former, I have been experimenting with Wardley Maps to facilitate dialogue on the “demand” side and get a clear understanding of the “poles” ( or boundaries) of the solution. I am curious if anyone is also thinking along these lines. I am not sure how much folks are here familiar with Wardley Maps as well.

Would love to have a dialogue on this, if there is sufficient interest to explore the intersections of Wardley Maps and Shape Up.