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How Avocode Improved Development Process 10x with Shape Up (+ Notion template)

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you my latest blog post about Avocode’s story behind the Shape up implementation. It’s been almost a year since we started our way to adopting Shape Up process at Avocode. Although the book is great, we kinda missed the action steps, where to start, etc.

So here is one little addition to the book, for you out there struggling with how to implement Shape Up in your company. It contains a summary of how we approached the whole thing, and there is also (as promised in some of my previous posts, haha) a reusable template with all the necessary docs.

Feel free to give me any feedback or reach to me on Twitter.

Blogpost with a template inside


10x that’s quite the return :rofl:

Thanks for sharing all this!

Do you show your new designs to customers to get feedback? If yes, at what stage do you do that?

thanks for askin.

We usually don’t show our customers designs for feedback at least not on a regular basis, but when we do it’s usually during design phase.

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