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Features needed in Basecamp to get Shape Up (and BC) adoption

@rjs Assuming Basecamp is a conduit for making Shape Up easier to manage:

  • Provide read only access to a project or team. I want to provide visibility into workspaces to people I whom I also do not want to be bothered with notifications or can bother others with their comments. This promotes transparency into the Shape Up process for those not on a team or in a specific project but want to be in the know on their own terms. Makes it easier to get people into workspaces without being forced to mess with notifications each time they are invited to a space.

  • Ability to nest teams, e.g., teams fit into groups, and groups into portfolios. This is necessary for bigger companies, and thus will help to get Shape Up (and Basecamp) adopted at larger orgs.

  • Easier to integrate tools into Campfire, like in Slack, e.g., alerts from Jira, GitHub, HubSpot/Salesforce, Intercom, Sentry, Prometheus, Grafana, Datadog, LightStep, etc.

  • “Reply to thread”, more easily quote people (like in Slack), make this a standard feature, “add to saved items”, “reply later”, “pin to Campfire”, link directly to a message, comment directly to PR or issues in GitHub, and edit sent messages in Campfire. If not, maybe allow user to integrate Slack into where Campfire would have been, e.g., can auto create channels from BC in Slack. If not, integrate Slack into where Campfire is in BC and allow for things like: Auto create a new channel in Slack and archive it when archived in BC, maybe iframe Slack into BC, etc.

  • A better way for teams to know what cycle they are in, across the year.

  • Enable desktop notifications from web app (should not be required to download desktop app to do this).

That is my shortlist. What is yours?