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Do you separate Shapers and Builders much?

Ryan writes that a small team doesn’t often need full fledges cycles and when there are just 2-3 people, you can shape for few days, work for some time and repeat - Adjust to Your Size | Shape Up

What happens when you start growing to some 4-7 or even 10 developers team size?
My understanding is that it is already a point where having fixed sizes and schedules is already helpful (so that you don’t run around in a rush when every few days some project finishes-starts) and how do you separate Shapers and Builders at this point?

I imagine that lead developer(s) wouldn’t be happy just doing Shaping and research for the whole cycle and there might be no need to spend that much on Shaping. What do you do then?

  • Do you still separate the Shapers as there is always something to shape?
  • Or do you let people build stuff and pull them to shaping once in a while (and shaping might need a couple of days for some proof of concept)? Even if it means they loose focus on the projects they were building?
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