Differences between Shape 1.0 vs Shape 2.0


I’ve been lurking here for about 2 yrs already (after reading the book for the 1st time), but this is my 1st post.

The best part in Shape Up for me was that I could point a team member to a short and easy-to-read book, along with a couple of videos on YouTube (and a few procedures for parts not covered by the book), and we would be set to go.

However, now with Shape Up 2.0, it’s not that easy. The information about Shape Up 2.0 is available, but it’s spread over many resources, making it difficult to get a coherent view of the differences between Shape Up 1.0 (v1.8?) and 2.0.

I would appreciate it if forum members could provide a concise list of the differences between them.


I think the new things in 2.0 are framing, spiking, and packaging. 2.0 is more relevant to rapidly scaling teams too. These videos are helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnW0fAIpLbo and a longer one to answer some specific questions: Chris Spiek & Justin Dickow on Shape Up 2.0 at Autobooks | Shape up Practitioners #s02e01 - YouTube

I’d start with the second video because it has more specifics and covers everything in the conference talk.

I’m expecting rjs to update the book at some point with specifics.

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@shavin47, thank you.

I have been following Shape Up for 2 years, and I have read and watched almost every publicly available resource about Shape Up as soon as they were posted on YouTube. So, I have already watched the videos you referenced.

I have taken notes from these videos and I am trying to categorize them in my Obsidian vault. However, the main purpose of my question was to find a single comprehensive resource instead of having to cherry-pick information from various videos.

I guess Shape Up 2.0 is still very much a moving target, and it’s highly customized for each company, so it’s probably too early to try to formalize it.

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