My team is renaming Cool-Down to Ramp-Up

I recently changed the positioning of this concept for my team and stakeholders, and while it’s mostly a change in internal marketing of the idea, the new name gives me an opportunity to reinforce many of the concepts that I value during the out-of-cycle period in which the teams need to collaborate on future work during framing, shaping, and spiking.


“ What is Ramp Up?

Ramp Up is a fixed period of time prior to the kick off of a new cycle in which the engineering, product, and leadership teams collaborate to explore new ideas, run spikes to answer technical, business and design questions, and fix bugs or change pressing but trivial details of our software.

In essence, Ramp Up is time set aside for the team to work out the details of what we might build next.”

So, is Ramp Up not just a cool-down replacement but a catch all for cool-down, betting table, and framing @justin

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All yes except framing, since framing doesn’t usually require engineering time (it’s a product leadership and product manager activity), but shaping and doing spiking does. I think in an ideal scenario I’d love to incorporate an explicit Cool Down and Ramp Up as an analogue to Recover (Cool Down), Taper (Ramp Up), Sprint (Build)