HEY Bubble Up: From kickoff to launch — 37signals

This is great article by Michelle Harjani — Product Designer at Basecamp about how they implement the Bubble Up feature in Hey. There are lots of details about how exactly they are using Shape Up. Very inspiring.


I loved the article!

I was so curious that I twitted Michelle some questions about the Weekly Meetings and de Mid Cycle Review.

In my organization we are doing a Hands-off but different from their Kick off.
We also are doing a Demo during our cycle 3rd week, but only with Product Leaders and the specific project team, we aren’t doing it like Basecamp team with the all the in cycle projects.

After reading the article, I’m considering doing a Mid Cycle review with more product people.
Also we aren’t doing weekly meetings like office hours for designers and developers, so I’m considering in establishing them optionally.

Do you have have meetings in your organization @janmikula ?

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I changed job after 9 years month ago, so everything is new in the current organization and we slowly starting to experiment with Shape Up.

But in previous job we had weekly reviews of the whole team discussing both technical and design stuff.