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Normal for Pitch to already contain nice-to-haves?


Our company is going into our very first cycle (very excited)!

As we are shifting over from scrum/spotify squad model, some of our first pitches are derivative of former Epics, and it seems like they already have nice-to-have features baked in.

The way I interpret it makes it seem like nice-to-haves come into play once the pitch has started to be worked on, and are usually at the “micro” level instead of the “macro” (although they could be whole scopes in some cases).

This being our first cycle I think we will experience some growing pains :smile: so I appreciate the patience with my question.

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Hey @gongo,

Welcome to the group! What I have typically done was include a section in the Pitch called “Nice To Haves” where I specifically call out any predetermined nice to haves that we already discovered during the shaping process.

That way it saves the team some time knowing they should only consider these things last, if they have time. This also helps with setting the boundaries for them to work within.

Hope the helps :slight_smile:


Yeah as @Aylon says. The point of marking “nice-to-haves” it simply so they team is clear about priorities. Work interactively, Focus on the core requirements first. I’ve written more about our iterative approach here

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